de Jong DUKE - de Jong DUKE among fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

de Jong DUKE among fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

De Jong DUKE has been awarded the FD Gazellen 2016 award. This recognition of achievement is presented by the leading Dutch financial newspaper, ‘Het Financiële Dagblad’ to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

2016 fd gazellen

Criteria of this strict selection process include growth of more than 20% during the last 3 years and that the company is profitable and financially healthy in terms of solvency, working capital and debt/equity.

We consider this a recognition of all our hard work and dedication.

It is a confirmation that we are doing (most) things right and an endorsement of our loyal customer base who not only appreciate our products and service but also trusts our organization to make the right choices and continue to have a longterm view.

With our 60th celebration scheduled for next year it is a welcome encouragement to continue to strive for excellence and maintain our goal of creating vocal fans by engaging in mutual beneficial relationships with our customers.

Grateful to have a committed and experienced team we thank all our customers who have been our loyal partners.

For more information please contact us by phone (+31 184 496767 / +1 734 403 1708) or mail

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