Technical training registration (Sliedrecht, NL)

Technical training registration (Sliedrecht, NL)

We have training sessions scheduled in the English, German and Dutch language.

Training sessions are on 2 consecutive days:

  • 1st day Basic (hardware, machine overview, spare parts, hands-on, service menu, brewing systems, maintenance & repair, first steps in the software)
  • 2nd day Software (MoVeC configuration program, display images, menu’s, recipes, Connect.Me)

Depending on your experience and interest, you can register for one of each or for both days.

Training details:

  • training is free of charge, lunch is included
  • travel and accommodation are at your own expense
  • we can send you a suggestion for suitable hotels in the area.
  • training hours are normally from 9.00 am to 16.00 pm
  • registration is open to all de Jong DUKE customers
  • multiple participants can be combined into one training class
  • all machine types will be covered (Siro Touch, Virtu, Zia, Nio, Edge)
  • depending on the interest of the participants, special attention may be paid to one or more of these types.
  • after a successful completion of the training, the participant receives a certificate
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