de Jong DUKE - Medium series

Medium series

40 series - filterfresh® (paper filter)

The Virtu 40 combines the comfort of fresh and pure coffee with a larger capacity. You can serve over 200 cups of coffee with one fill.

50 series - Instant

The Virtu 50 series give you an even larger capacity than the 30 series and has the same advantages: more consumptions per fill and less daily maintenance.

70 series - CoEx® Fresh brew (paperless)

The CoEx® brewer, with its patented pressure switch, gives you the one brewer to make fresh coffee and real Espresso. Ideal for office environments where people use their own cups and love coffee.

90 series - CoEx® Bean2cup

The Virtu 90 gives you the ultimate luxurious coffee machine. Besides freshly brewed coffee and “straight-up” espresso, the Virtu grinds your espresso and coffee beans freshly, seconds before brewing.