de Jong DUKE - Small series

Small series

10 series - Instant

The Virtu is available as an instant coffee machine. This gives you the advantages of a high capacity and less daily maintenance because instant leaves no residue.

20 series - Filterfresh® (paper filter)

The traditional way of making coffee with a modern machine. The large display gives you the latest standard in easy to use equipment. The filterfresh® brewer lets you enjoy fresh and pure coffee.

30 series - Instant high capacity

Instant coffee already gives you an advantage in capacity. The 30 series of the Virtu even more so because the machine is faster.

60 series - CoEx® fresh brew (paperless)

The Virtue 60 is the smallest type of the Virtu with the CoEx® Brewer. It makes it possible to brew paperless filter coffee and an original Espresso, with just the one brewer.

80 series - CoEx® bean2cup

The Virtu 80 is compact, and yet gives you all the features you need for professional coffee at the office. The beans for your coffee and Espresso are freshly grinded, just before brewing.